ROI in the Emergency Management World

Tips for Improving Your Evacuation Maps
Leveraging National Prepardness Month

ROI in the Emergency Management World

Organizations prefer spending money on things that generate revenue. Telling a CFO that an emergency response app could possibly save your organization from immeasurable losses (not to mention the loss of lives), is like a dentist telling you that a trip to his office might save you from a mouth full of cavities. How then, should you advocate for the purchase of an emergency management tool?

  • Extrapolate savings. For example, if we spend $5000 on training software, it will save us roughly 170 hours of labor per year, and thus pay for itself within a year.
  • Show your math. For example, Kathryn spends an average of 2 hours training each new-hire about emergency preparedness. We hire, on average, 100 people per year. 2 hours x 100 x $30 per hour = $6000 savings per year.
  • If you need a tool that doesn’t create savings, but only increases preparedness, sell it as a brand enhancer, as an opportunity to grow market share when your organization deftly handles a crisis that your competitors botch. That too is hard to put a dollar amount on.

Wellspring Info can improve your emergency response plan, boost your OSHA-compliance, and then turn your plan into emergency guidebooks or an app:

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