Less is More

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10 Ways to Improve Your Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan: Less Is More

Whether your emergency response plan is being delivered as a guidebook or an app, you want it to be concise and inviting. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid long paragraphs. Bulleted, step-by-step instructions are far more inviting.
  • It’s impossible to cover every possible aspect of every possible situation. Give your staff the critical information they need in a real-life emergency.
  • If you’re not sure if certain content belongs in your emergency response plan, it probably doesn’t. The meteorological difference between a lightning storm and a tornado, though somewhat interesting, is not what you want your staff reading about during a lightning storm or a tornado.
  • Keep your tab titles as short as possible. FIRE is better than FIRE PROCEDURES. It’s the reason stop signs say STOP, not STOP HERE.
  • Pre-planning and post-event information should be separate documents. During an emergency, you don’t want your staff reading about what they should have done in advance.

If your emergency response plan is wordy we can help you condense it. We can offer some preliminary suggestions at no charge. Just email your ERP to Scott@WellspringInfo.com

Wellspring Info can improve your emergency response plan, boost your OSHA-compliance, and then turn your plan into emergency guidebooks or an app:

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