7 Deadly Sins of an Emergency Response Plan

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7 Deadly Sins of an Emergency Response Plan

1. It includes lengthy preplanning instructions. During an emergency, the last thing you want your staff doing is reading about planning.

2. It’s noncompliant. For example, does your ERP include evacuating disabled? According to OSHA, it should.

3. It goes through multiple committee meetings with seemingly every department weighing in on it. One great poet will write a far more cohesive poem than five great poets working together.

4. It lacks critical topics. If your ERP doesn’t include Medical Emergency, it’s not OSHA compliant.

5. It’s too long. Give your people the need-to-know quick hits, not 100 pages.

6. It uses icons to show what each topic is. The problem is some topics have no icon that makes sense. Showing a lock for lockdown is more confusing than just using the word Lockdown.

7. It’s outdated.

Wellspring Info can improve your emergency response plan, boost your OSHA-compliance, and then turn your plan into emergency guidebooks or an app:

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